Вопрос ответ

Check-in time?
Check in is possible from 15:00 (GMT + 02:00).
If you need to check in before 15:00 (GMT + 02:00), you must order the service "early check-in".
This service is paid in the amount of the cost of a day.
Check out time?
Check out before 12:00 (GMT + 02:00), regardless of the check-in time.
If you need to check out after 12:00 (GMT + 02:00), you must order the service “late check-out”. This service is paid in the amount of:
* check out before 18:00 (GMT + 02: 00) - you must additionally pay half the cost of the day;
* later than 18:00 (GMT + 02: 00) - additional payment must be made per day.
The possibility of the “late check-out” service is determined by the availability of apartments on a certain date. At your request, an employee of our company will confirm the possibility or refuse to provide this service. It is recommended to book the service “late check-out” when pre-booking the apartment.
Can I smoke in the apartment?
It is forbidden to smoke in all apartments, since the Law on the complete prohibition of smoking in public places came into force on 02.16.13 in Ukraine. 
In case of violation of article 6 of the "Rules of staying in apartments" - we reserve the right to immediately evict you without any refund: prepayment, payment for accommodation, a cash deposit.
Is it possible to view the apartments?
View apartments only through our website. On our website you can see all the available apartments, each one of them has its own page with a detailed description and photographs. We do not show apartments for reservations,  in which at that time other guests can live. We really hope for your understanding. 
We specifically made detailed photographs of each apartment so that you can have a complete picture of them. We guarantee that every photograph of the apartment is fully true.
The exception for organizing  a preview is an application for accommodation of 10 days or more in advance. This possibility is affordable due to the availability of apartments for preview.
According to the booking rules, we charge an insurance deposit of 1000 UAH.
The deposit can be paid by using our WayForPay link only. You can make this payment during check-in or before check-in.
We will return the deposit after your departure and inspection of the apartment to the same card the payment was made. The refund may take up to 6 banking days.