Rules and politics

The Rules and Policy
1.    Review of the apartment.
1.1. The viewing of our apartments is able only on our website.  On the website you can see all available apartments, each of which has its own page with detailed descriptions, detailed photos.  It’s impossible to do a review of the apartments, where another guests are living at the moment. We really hope for your understanding. We have specially made detailed photos of each apartment, so you can have a complete picture. We guarantee that every photo of the apartment is correct.
1.2. An only exception can be made, if the apartments were booked for 10 days or more. In this case we can organize a preview for a guest, if chosen apartment is available for the time of review.
2.    Booking
2.1. For online booking on our website, you need to choose the right variant, fill out the contact information and click the reservation button. While ordering an apartment through the booking module, you can also order additional services.
2.2. Booking an apartment in any other way needs a choice of the right variant and sending the reservation request in any convenient way.
2.3. Please note that it is recommended to book an apartment at least one week before the date of settlement.
2.4. The 3 days and more bookings with a prepayment for the first day, have guaranteed settlement in the apartments you have chosen.  The exceptions are the force majeure circumstances: an accident in the house; problems with water supply; power supply; failure of sewer systems; other reasons not depending on us. In case of force majeure, the apartments will be replaced by an equivalent version of the same class or higher class at the same cost. After receiving your advance payment (value of the 1 day), we’ll send you a confirmation of the booking with the full address of the apartment.
2.5. For bookings without prepayment or less than 3 days we DO NOT guarantee you a settlement in the apartments you have chosen, however we are waiting for your arrival and will prepare you a variant for accommodation. Upon arrival, the chosen variant can be replaced by an equivalent version of the same class or higher class at the same cost.
2.6. The reservation is valid only after you receive from us a confirmation.
2.7. On the eve of arrival, you must confirm to us your arrival in any convenient way.
2.8. If your plans are changing, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible about the changes or cancellation of the reservation!
3.    Cancellation Policy
3.1. Cancellation of the booking is accepted only via e-mail.
3.2. If you inform about the cancellation 3 days before arrival or more, the prepayment will be refunded in full (minus the commissions of the settlement systems, if the advance payment was made not by cash).
3.3. If you inform about the cancellation less than 3 days before arrival - the prepayment is non refundable.
3.4. In case of no appearance on the day of arrival - the prepayment is non refundable.

4.    Rules of settlement in apartments
4.1. Check-in is possible from 15:00 (GMT + 02: 00).
4.2. For check in before 15:00 (GMT + 02: 00), is needed to order the "early check-in" service.
This service is paid in the amount of the one night stay cost.
4.3. To avoid misunderstandings, we ask you to confirm the arrival in any convenient way the day before the settlement.
4.4. Obligatory conditions for the settlement are 100% payment for the entire period of residence and the presentation of the guest's passport.
4.5. The keys to the apartment are available on the day of check-in:
* in the office at a convenient time for you (round the clock);
* directly in the apartment (by preliminary agreement with the office staff, at least 2 hours before arrival), accommodation in apartments from 15-00 (GMT + 02: 00) to 18-00 (GMT + 02: 00) free of charge;
* if a transfer is ordered – by the driver.

 5.    The eviction rules
5.1. The eviction time from the apartment is until 12:00 (GMT + 02: 00), regardless of the arrival time.
5.2. If a guest needs to leave after 12:00 (GMT + 02: 00), he has to order a "late check out" service. This service is paid in the amount of:
* Eviction before 18:00 (GMT + 02: 00) - it is necessary to pay half the cost of one night's stay;
* Later than 18:00 (GMT + 02: 00) - it is necessary to pay extra for the night.
The possibility of a "late check-out" service depends on the availability of the apartments on a certain date. At your request, an employee of our company will confirm or refuse the possibility to provide this service. It is recommended to book the "late check-out" service upon preliminary reservation of the apartment.
5.3. You need to contact us in any convenient way at least 24 hours before the eviction time and confirm the exact time of eviction.
5.4. For your check out and keys returning, our employee will come to the apartments at the agreed time. Please let us know in advance if you want to move out earlier or later than previously agreed time.
5.5. In case you need to leave before agreed time you need to contact us in any convenient way to change the time of eviction. Please inform us in advance if you have changed the eviction time.

6.    Settling into the apartments
6.1. The apartment is exclusively for living. The concept of "living" excludes any noisy activities that can cause disturbance to neighbors and violate public order, and may also damage property in the apartments.
According to the legislation of Ukraine, in the apartments is forbidden:
To make noise from 9 pm till 8 am, turn on loud music / TV, conduct any work associated with a bang or some other mechanical sounds;
To hold any celebrations, parties or other group noisy events.
6.2. Guests should treat property carefully, use the equipment as intended, to fire safety requirements. In case of detection the damaged property, technical issues, emergency incidents (flooding, ignition, breaking glass, etc.), you must immediately inform the administrator. In case of damaging or losing of apartment’s property, guests must to compensate the cost of damaged (lost) property according to the approved tariffs.
6.3. Any animals in the apartment are forbidden.
6.4. Do not leave electrical devices (except the refrigerator) switched on and lighting after leaving the apartment. It is impermissible to leave cold and hot water taps unnecessarily opened.
6.5. You are fully responsible for the actions of people who are in the apartment with your knowledge.
6.6. Scheduled cleaning (cleaning, changing of bed linen, towels) during your stay is carried out at your request, after three days of accommodation on the fourth. To order a scheduled cleaning, you need to contact with the employees of the office the day before in any convenient way and agree the time when it will be made. This service is included to the accommodation fee.
6.7. If you need a daily cleaning service, you must additionally pay for this service according to the current price list. The daily cleaning service should be ordered with prior reservation of the apartment or when settling.
6.8. All apartments are not allowed to smoke, since 16.02.13 “the Law of  the Full Ban for Smoking in Public Places” entered into force in Ukraine. Therefore, in order to avoid smoking in the apartment, we take a deposit of  1000 UAH.
In case of violation of clause 6 "Rules of accommodation in apartments" - we reserve the right to evict you immediately without refund: prepayment, payment for accommodation, cash deposit.

7.    Rules for changing the period of residence
7.1. If you need to change the previously stated period of residence you need to contact us in any convenient way to change the date and time of eviction from the apartment. Please inform us as soon as possible if you need to change the period of your stay.
7.2. If during the stay you want to extend the stated number of days of residence, we will consider your application. The possibility of extension depends on the availability of the apartments for renewable dates. At your request, the employee of our company will confirm the possibility of extending in these apartments or offer an alternative option in other apartments at the same cost. Obligatory conditions for the extension are 100% payment for the entire extended residence period.
7.3. If during the stay guest reduces the number of the stated residence days, will be held a penalty payment in the amount of the one night stay cost. We’ll return the money for a reduced period of residence except an amount of penalty.